Here’s how RMBC membership works…

If you’re interested in joining our close-knit community so you can enjoy the benefits of being part of RMBC, here’s a quick look at how our boat club membership works…

As a successful and long-established motor boat club, RMBC isn’t a financial enterprise – we’re a not-for-profit organisation that values member commitment to our community over high joining and mooring fees.

We keep our membership costs low, in exchange for your investment in keeping the club running and a wonderful place to be, by committing to carrying out a few compulsory duties throughout the year.

What does membership include?

As a member-led and run boat club that’s been established and growing for nearly a hundred years, we’ve continually developed the site and facilities to ensure the very best experience for our members.

As a member of RMBC, you’ll have access to:

Our club bar is open from 7pm Friday/Saturday and from 12pm on Sundays.

Our boat club membership costs

Our membership fees for 2024 are as follows:

Mooring Fee

All members with a boat will be required to pay a mooring fee

£ 390 Annum

1st January to 31st December

Family Membership

Two adults married/civil partnership with children up to 18 years

£ 75 Annum

Joining Fee £920

Single Membership

£ 50 Annum

Joining Fee £790

Associate Membership

£ 40 Annum

Joining Fee £160

A typical family membership with mooring would be £920 to join plus £465 per annum for membership and mooring fees.

Member duties

In order to keep our running costs and therefore membership fees low, we work on a community commitment basis when it comes to ongoing maintenance and development of the club.

Every year, each single member or a representative of each family membership group will be assigned with a member duty on a rota basis. We always work hard to ensure that tasks are distributed appropriately according to individual skills and capabilities, while also ensuring that every member of RMBC makes an equal and fair contribution to our community.

Our member duties fall into the following four categories and are generally (but not always) seasonal in nature:

  • Galley duty
  • Bar duty
  • Grass and hedge cutting duty
  • Work parties – these are larger, ad-hoc projects that occur as and when a need arises

We provide any necessary training – including health and safety – where required, and request that any members unable to fulfil one of their duties makes arrangements to exchange dates with another member on the same duty team.

We work on the ethos of ‘fair distribution, fair contribution’ at all times – with the mutual co-operation of all our boat club members, we can continue our tradition of being a truly independent and inclusive boating community!

Sounds great

I want to become a member

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member of our boating club, just follow the link or get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.